Web Security Service at Your Fingertips

December 14, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

 Data breach has become one of the hottest crimes in the world due to the influence of the digital landscape to everyday lives. But are you prepared for this? According to a study from Juniper Research, cybercriminals will steal about 33 billion records in the year 2023. This was discussed in an article from Norton. This is a huge leap from what Juniper expects this 2018–that about 12 billion records will be stolen. Records vary from simple names, to more private information such as address, social security numbers, and credit card details. The amount of personal data available online is huge and it continues growing by the day. This write-up from IT Security Guru touches on Mimecast’s early adopter program that will help with web security. Read it and be in the know. – Regina Ongkiko


Read the source article at IT SECURITY GURU

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