How Continuous User Authentication Can Protect You from Fraud

December 14, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

An article from CSO shared some predicted trends in the email security industry. One of these was how email authentication will become more mainstream this 2018 and how the focus will be shifting instead to brand protection and email deliverability. Basically, the article explained that this transition will stem from marketing personnel who look at authenticated email and see a brand protection tool among others. In this day and age of cyberattacks and cybercrime, protecting data and privacy of online users has risen in the list of priorities. While credit card payments and even social networks have implemented two-factor authorizations and one-time pins, it makes all the more sense to employ continuous user authentication in emails which are used by people everyday. Read this following article to understand how it can help protect you from fraud as well. – Regina Ongkiko

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