What is Email Security

October 18, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Email is the most appealing medium for hackers to disseminate malware, spam, and phishing attacks. Through deceptive messages, people are being enticed to divulge sensitive information. Since individuals and corporations have been entrusting most of their communication through email for many decades now, including the documents that are strictly confidential, having an efficient email security system is vital to them.

What is Email Security

Email Security is an important measure to secure your email account and its contents — keeping sensitive information from unauthorized access, data loss, and being unveiled to unlawful people who would use or even manipulate the information to harm you or your company’s reputation.

Why you need to protect your data

Have you heard about the Sony Hacking Scandal that happened in 2014? It is one of the biggest scandals in the entertainment industry — WikiLeaks was able to get more than 170,000 emails and published over 30,000 documents from Sony Pictures. The breach not only resulted in revenue loss when people started to download the movies; it definitely ended good working relationships following an organization’s executive revamp.

The ability to keep customer and all kinds of information secure and confidential is one of the pillars of enterprises, especially today. It is one reason why organization leaders only discuss sensitive and urgent matters through email — as there are things happening inside that most people won’t understand — and this is when email security enters the big picture. Companies must have the technology and method to ensure that all the emails are encrypted and scanned to detect or block malicious files. With this technology, employees won’t be easily tricked into sharing any information and will be prevented from opening an email containing malware.

Knowing the threats

Before entering a war, you should always be prepared — know your enemies. Remember, you can never win a battle if you don’t know who or what you’re up against. Here are the threats you need to look out for:

  • Denial of Service (DoS) – The denial of service attack happens when the hacker targeted the network or database which makes it impossible for people to access any site. However, it is necessary to note the difference between being denied of service and just having your internet service provider down.
  • Mail Flooding – Also known as Email Bombing, this happens when a massive number of duplicate emails were sent to an address in an attempt to overflow the mail ID.
  • Phishing – A method used to trick users to enter an identical-looking webpage and provide their personal information, including their financial and other security keywords.
  • Spamming – A way of sending unsolicited messages to thousands or millions of people. Mostly, spam messages are advertisements or illegal schemes.

Get the perfect tool

We are in an era that offers abundant technology to help us fight the cyber threats. We just need the time to look and know which perfectly fits your needs. Check some of the messaging solutions below:

  1. Hosted Email Security – A cloud-based service that can protect you from email threats like spam, phishing, ransomware, and more.
  2. Email Security Appliance – A physical appliance, like a router or digital box, deployed on-site.
  3. Email Security Virtual Appliance – A virtual appliance added to your network as an additional layer of protection from advanced enterprise attacks.
  4. Email Security Software – Most of the best business antivirus and internet security software offers impeccable email security — they offer more than just an email encryption. This software gives you the power to send complaints and prevent data loss, through an administration console.

Here are some industries that have the greatest need in having a Email Security System:

Healthcare – This is one industry that holds a massive amount of information about billions of people. Assuring their clients with the confidentiality of their data is one factor that they consider in getting a good email security.

Financial services – Who would trust a bank or an insurance company without an Email Security System? It is crucial that they have only the most efficient and reliable system installed, and that’s one asset every financial institution can boast to potential and loyal clients.

Some small businesses overlook the importance of having an Email Security System. Most of them allocate their budget on what they think is more important, ignoring the possible cyber threats, without knowing that damage caused by these will take a toll on them in the future. Whatever industry your company is in, having an Email Security System is important.

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