How Vulnerable Are We to Email Attacks?

June 2, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

Agari’s chief scientist Markus Jakobsson was quoted in an article published in CSO saying that “for a long time, email-based attacks weren’t very successful, and mostly preyed on the naïve…The past three to five years have seen dramatic changes, though, with email-based attacks increasing in both prevalence and sophistication, and manifesting in many forms.” Though this partly explains why cyber attacks pose more threat than ever before, Glasswall’s recent research findings show just how vulnerable people are even up to this day.  Email attacks continue to prevail in spite of constant reminders to stay vigilant in the world wide web, because sadly, most people are not wary enough. For further details read this article- Gail Limpin

Read the source article at Press Release and News Wire Services

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