There’s A Lot More You Need To Know About Email Security

April 10, 2017 / GuidesFor Team

There are a few things we should know by now about email attacks.

1. Targets are known – Hackers know who are vulnerable to their attacks so they target these people who can send them sensitive information such as employee roster and login credentials.

2. Fraud is involved – Email attacks are now more sophisticated than ever. High-ranking officials are impersonated so targets can easily send over whatever it is that attackers need. 

3. Malwares and Ransomwares are attached – Failure to identify a virus-inflicted file is a problem that’s still evolving. 

However, these are just the gist of what we must know about email attacks. We must also understand the nature of various kinds of attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threat so we’ll understand how it can impact network systems. 

Read this article for more information on email attacks and email security. – Gail Limpin

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